September 29, 2008

Introducing Guest Chef Amy!

Introducing Guest Chef Amy - This lady is awesome! Check out her bio, and see the recipes she'll be featured for this week!
Location: Louisville, KY
Occupation: SAHM of three kids (and one on the way!)
Favorite cuisine: Italian or Cajun… or mexican… or Steak house… or… okay, I like it all!
Cooking preference: baking, especially trying new cookie recipes
Cooking handicap: husband who is a picky eater!
Most used recipe site: (other than Tasty Sensations, of course!)
Cooking motto: I love scrumptious foods. I don’t mind the effort of elaborate cooking if it’s worth it in the end!
Recipes For Week:
Best Blueberry muffins
Choc chip brownie cookies
Creamy bean soup with taquito dippers
Asian marinated steak
Sausage and tomato rigatoni
Breakfast shortcake
Nutter Butter Cookies (her husband's all time favorite cookie)


  1. Hi Amy! I still use your recipes from our ward cookbook! Miss ya!

  2. I've made the nutter butter recipe. They are fabulous. Amy is a great cook -- in fact, she is my husband's favorite -- that causes a little tension :)

  3. Amy is a great cook, I love to go to her house to eat any time.

    It's my fault her husband is so picky, so am I. Sorry about that Amy.
    Your favorite Mother-in-law


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