August 16, 2009

Frozen Chocolate Coated Bananas

Do you remember going to the fair, or the pier? Since almost all of my memories are associated with food, it's no surprise that my fair and pier memories from childhood involved frozen chocolate bananas. I had one, recently, at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and I must say, it was disappointing. Too much chocolate (gasp! is that possible?), too ripe of a banana, and no nuts on it. So, it was to my pleasure when I came across a super-easy frozen chocolate banana recipe at Noshtalgia. Try it out - it's perfect. I made some plain, some with crushed Oreos, and some with chopped walnuts. I liked them all!

6 tbsp. butter
1-1/2 cups of semi sweet chocolate morsels
8 Ripe but not too ripe bananas
8 wooden sticks
Assorted coatings; Nuts, sprinkles, cereal, crushed cookies whatever you like it's completely optional because these taste just as good with the banana and chocolate alone.

Melt butter and chocolate together and simmer over low heat stirring until smooth. Pour chocolate mixture into a dish and set aside. Peel bananas; insert stick into end of banana. Immediately dip each banana into melted chocolate and coat evenly, then roll in your choice of coatings pressing gently into chocolate. Place on waxed paper lined tray and freeze until firm, about 2 hours, serve frozen. To store wrap each in aluminum foil and keep in freezer, they keep for weeks!


  1. Oooo, I could eat one of these right now! They look heavenly!


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