November 11, 2009

Raita by Guest Chef Scott

*Raita* A tangy yogurt that is often served on the side of spicy curries.

1 large tub of Plain low fat yogurt (any high quality organic yogurt will be fine)

1 large cucumber

1 large carrot

1 small tomato (optional)

½ bunch of cilantro

1 tsp cumin or cumin seeds

Juice of 1 lime

Start by pouring the yogurt into a strainer. The idea is that you are going to drain off the excess liquid, or whey. Better quality yogurt tends to have less liquid. After you have drained off the excess liquid, place the remaining yogurt into a bowl.

Peel and dice your cucumber, grate your carrot, dice your tomato, and chop your cilantro. Add all of these goodies to the bowl

Take your cumin or cumin seeds and dry roast it in a frying pan. Meaning, put the spice in a dry frying pan. Turn on the heat. Wait for the color of the spice to change (slightly), and the scent to fill the air. Remove from heat and let cool. If you are using cumin seeds, grind them. Add this to the bowl.

Your Raita is now ready. I like to make it the night before and let it sit in the fridge, so the flavors can mingle. But it’s your thing do what you want to do.

Before serving, squeeze the juice of one lime into the mix.

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