August 13, 2010

Momma's Summer Pasta Salad

This is one of those recipes that you can make with or without some of the ingredients.  Add what you have in your pantry, take out what you don't like, and mix it up.  I, personally, love the combination of the toasted almonds, fresh rotisserie chicken, and perfectly sweet red grapes.  Super easy, super yummy, and perfect for summer.  It makes A TON.  This recipe easily feeds 10 people, so you might want to half it, unless you want to eat it for every meal for 3 days (which I do, sometimes).
*this picture does not include mandarin oranges, craisins or spiral noodles, because I didn't have them on hand! still yummy!*

12 oz. farfalle pasta (bowtie), cooked and cooled
12 oz. spiral pasta (I like tri-colored), cooked and cooled
20 oz. can pineapple tidbits, drained
2 c. chopped celery
2 c. water chestnuts, chopped
4 green onions, chopped
6 oz. craisins or dried cherries
1 c. toasted almonds, chopped coarsely
1 c. grapes, cut in half
1 large can mandarin oranges, drained
6 breasts, chopped (I like to use 1 whole rotisserie chicken shredded)
1 large container coleslaw dressing (I don't use all of it, maybe 3/4 at the most)
1 c. mayonnaise (add more if it looks too dry)

Mix all ingredients together, chill.  Serve.

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