November 26, 2010

Recipes Every Man Should Know (Book Review)

I was DELIGHTED to get a copy of the new "Recipes Every Man Should Know" recipe book, co-authored by Susan Russo over at Food Blogga.  Not only do I love her recipes and her sickly obsessive sense of food humor, but she has a good combination of real kitchen know-how but still has a good dose of make-it-work-in-the-kitchen-no-matter-what intuition.
My first thought when I opened the package was...Of course.  A tiny recipe book.  It's literally tiny, so the kitchen-loving yet abashed-to-admit-it man could hide it where it wouldn't get discovered - or keep it in his back pocket like a large wallet!  It's chock full of VERY simple recipes, and when I say simple, I mean SIMPLE.  This book is really for the man (or woman) who does not know how to make scrambled eggs or a burger.  Really simple and delicious recipes described easily and with a sense of humor.

Aside from the very simple basics (like Perfect Pasta, Baked Potato and Eggs), this little ditty has a simple (yet strangely good) recipe for Bacon Brownies and a tempting Pasta Carbonara.

If you know a man who needs to learn the very basics, this book is for him.  I'm definitely picking one up for a stocking stuffer HERE.
Thanks to Quirk Books for the review copy!

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  1. Thanks for the great review! It is a cute, little ditty, isn't it? ;)


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