January 9, 2011

Soup Swap!

Happy New Year Readers!  I'm excited for a new year of recipes to share, and kitchen stories to tell.  While I'm recovering from the holidays (yes, still.), here's an idea for you (wish I could claim it as my own)...

Host (or attend) a SOUP SWAP!
This was one of the best parties I've gone to...Not only was the company fabulous, but I got 4 new meals for my freezer!  What better time of year than the holiday season and/or early winter to get your freezer stocked with some ready to heat & serve meals?
Plus, so much healthier than a cookie exchange! Although I thew in a frozen log of cookie dough as a bonus for attendees...
Hint: make freezer friendly soups.  Dairy-based soups do not stay good as long, and are harder to re-heat without scalding the milk.


  1. This sounds like so much fun!! Could you post mor details?

  2. tell me what you want to know!! email me at heidisrecipes@hotmail.com


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