April 22, 2012

Not Goodbye, See Ya Later?

Hi folks, (or maybe I should just say, hi mom! she's probably the only one reading these days...)

I'm taking a little breather from the food blogging world.  Truth be told, I haven't really actually blogged about any food since June 2011, but I had lots of recipes stocked up to last me thru spring 2012, when I figured I'd be back in the ballgame after baby#3. 

Well, I am back in the ballgame, but I cannot figure out how to make this blog as fabulous as I would like it to be, while still making my family life as fabulous as I would like it to be.  Life with three young kids is beautiful, and I wouldn't trade it for anything, however, it leaves me very little time to photograph, write about and spend so much time with it.  I am still passionate about food and still love to taste and create.  I hope that I can get back into food blogging when and if time ever permits, so for now - it's not goodbye, but it's got to be see ya later!

Thanks for stopping by.  I've been blogging about food for the last five years, and it's been such a wonderful hobby for me.  Keep me in your google reader, and if I ever pop back up, I'd be happy to have you enjoy some of my tasty sensations!


  1. Thanks Heidi! For all the yummy recipes. Have fun with those darling 3 kiddos and we'll look forward to reading more later! Lots of love!

  2. We'll miss those recipes! But, thankfully you have a good arsenal for us to choose from while you take time to be with your kiddies! Great choice! Love you and thanks for the great recipes you have posted! YOU ROCK!!! Love you!

  3. Love the blog -- good luck & hope to see you back soon!

  4. this makes me sad. but I am sure there are enough recipes on here to keep my family fed for a while;)
    miss you!

  5. Ah nuts. Love your recipes. I guess I'll just have to be better about e-mailing you to see what's on your plate- literally! :) Wish we lived closer. :(


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