September 10, 2007

Potato Chowder

I played around with this recipe and it was simple and easy, and not bad tasting either.

3 c. milk (I used a combo of skim and half and half)
1 can cream of potato soup (condensed)
3 c. frozen, southern style hashbrowns
1/2 onion, finely chopped
1 can corn (drained)
2 c. frozen peas
2 TBS. chopped bacon bits
1.5 c. shredded sharp cheddar

Bring milk, onion, and potato soup to a boil. Add frozen hashbrowns, stirring frequently until it returns to a boil. Let simmer on medium-low heat for 10 minutes. Add corn and peas. Stir. Add bacon bits and cheese. Stir until cheese is melted. Serve with warm, crusty bread.

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