October 16, 2010

Totally Tortillas - Giveaway!!

If you are a Costco shopper, and/or you live on the West coast, chances are, you have had the pleasure, and I mean sheer pleasure, of tasting Tortillaland's flour tortilla.  My, oh my.  These tortillas are the real, fresh deal.  Once you've tasted their warm, hot-off-the-griddle tortillas, you won't be able to eat one of those dry, shelf-life-of-a-month, pre-made tortillas ever again.  These are soooooo fresh, they haven't been made yet! You cook these tortillas yourself and they are warm and ready in 60 seconds - not to mention completely delectable plain, or as a meal.  Speaking of meals - I'm going to highlight some recipes using these tortillas every day during the next week.  Along with this, I'm excited to partner with Tortillaland to do a great giveaway of fresh tortillas shipped directly to your front door!  Not just one giveaway, but I'm partnering with Tortillaland to do a giveaway for EVERY DAY THIS WEEK! 
*How do you win?? Leave a comment on each tortilla recipe/blog post next week!  Watch for a new giveaway each day!*

***I highly suggest becoming a fan of Tasty Sensations on Facebook, since many of the giveaways will only be announced there.  I also recommend adding Tasty Sensations to your google reader now!***

While you're at it, check out Tortillaland's facebook page.  They are having a cool "art of the fresh tortilla" contest for a chance to win a year's supply of tortillas. 

Become a fan of Tortillaland on facebook!
Flour tortillas, my personal favorite
Multi-grain tortillas, also delicious
 (these are new, and a little bit harder to find - currently only available on the west coast)
Corn tortillas, (and they're gluten-free too)

If your grocery store doesn't carry any of these - ASK THEM TO.  You will not regret it. 

This week, I'm excited to be featuring a new recipe each day using Tortillaland tortillas. Stay tuned for the following:
  • Sweet Smothered Burritos with Pork & Roasted Corn Filling
  • Spinach and Tomato Quesadilla w/ Arugula Pesto on Multigrain Tortillas
  • Hearty Breakfast Burrito
  • Foolproof Enchiladas
  • Ham & Cheese Roll-Ups (and a snack idea!)

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