January 16, 2011

Guest Chef Amanda

When asked, what her favorite room in her house, Amanda is most likely going to say: "THE KITCHEN, of course! Memories are made sweet and tasty; families gather to share teaching moments and good conversations, delicious traditions are whipped up and shared with neighbors, family and friends... what's not to love?"

As a child, Amanda disliked mushrooms and any type of fish, but it only took those silly pregnancy cravings to get her to try and fall in love with them!
"Seriously, all you have to do is chop some onions and mince some garlic and you can fool anyone into thinking you're a great cook! At least, I've got my husband fooled! (wink)

Dessert is easily her favorite to make, It's almost therapeutic... a way to de-stress from a crazy day!, Mixing ingredients and the smell of Cinnamon, or chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven just makes all the worries in the world go away... Plus, nothing puts a smile on my kids' faces faster.... than dessert for dinner." (doesn't happen every week, but once in a blue moon..)

Amanda is a regular contributor to her sister's food blog: the Chemistry of Cooking found here:
one of Amanda's favorite movies is Pixars' ... Ratatouille!

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