November 5, 2009

Introducing Guest Chef Scott

I know, it has been a while since I hosted a Guest Chef. It's about time. If I'm getting sick of my own recipes, you must be too. And what I love most about this Guest Chef is that he's a HE! And...even more...He's a he who can make killer curry.

This Guest Chef hails from the Northwest. I've known him for ages, but only recently became aware that he was a dynamo in the kitchen. Here's a little about Guest Chef Scott in his own words:
"To me food is everything. A lot of people budget their time because it is a valuable resource. I budget my meals, I can't waste a meal eating something that is not crazy good. I especially like spicy, flavorful food; I am a curry addict. I first learned to cook curry while living in Southeast Asia. I would describe my curries as being Sri Lankan with a Malaysian flare; I also enjoy Indian and Thai curry."
Keep checking this week for some of Scott's masterpieces.

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  1. awesome. He is such a good cook. His curries are AMAZING!


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