November 1, 2010

My favorite day in the kitchen...

Have I ever told you about MY BEST HONEY WHOLE WHEAT BREAD?

Sometimes I need to take artistic liberties and tell you a little about my day in the kitchen.  This day was not something unusual for me.  I refuse to buy storebought bread.  I just can't do it since I came up with MY FAVORITE HONEY WHEAT BREAD.  I make it once a month.  4 loaves at a time, with 1 loaf to use per week.  The loaves, after baked and brought to room temperature, freeze beautifully, and thaw out in just under an hour.

It all starts with some grinding of wheat.  Yes, I grind my own wheat - don't laugh, the bread tastes so much fresher.  Having a wheat grinder also has a little something to do with something called provident living (what is that?).  I'd like to think that I could make bread for my family in any situation.  Anyway...that's not really part of this story.

My story begins like all my other breadmaking stories.  I make my bread dough.  I make enough for 4 loaves, since it takes hardly any more time than it does to make just 1.
Then, I let it make it's first rise, in the bowl, untouched.

Then, I knead it out, roll it into loaves, and let it make the second rise in the loaf pan.

Then, I preheat the oven and pop those babies right in there.

Five minutes later, the power goes out.  For two hours. 
So, I do the only reasonable thing. I leave my saggy hot and raw bread in the oven and head to a local Mexican joint to let out my frustrations with a bowl of chips and salsa.

Then I made doggy biscuits with the leftovers. 


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