September 27, 2010

Best Breadtwists Ever!

This one was already posted, but it's delish - and totally worth re-posting.  These breadtwists are a cinch to make, and they are soft, buttery and a perfect compliment to your favorite Spaghetti dinner or try them with one of my past soup recipes (I like the butternut squash and my version of Oprah's tomato soup)!

Plus now I have photo-proof of how yummy these breadsticks really are.  My only advice - eat these the day of, they are better fresh out of the oven! They won't last until tomorrow anyway...
1 TBS. yeast
2 TBS. sugar
1.5 C. warm water
Mix above ingredients until liquid begins to foam (about 10 min)

Add to mixer:
1 tsp. salt
3.5 C. all purpose flour (could also do half wheat flour)

Mix with dough hook for 5 minutes.
Dough will be sticky.
Let rise in mixer for 45 min - 1 hour (cover with towel)

Roll out on generously floured counter into long rectangle. Cut breadsticks into strips with pizza cutter. Fold ends together and twist.

Place 1 stick butter in jelly roll pan. Place in 400' oven until melted. Add twists to pan. Brush with additional melted butter, sprinkle with garlic salt, parmesan cheese and sesame seeds. Cook for 12 min. at 400.


  1. These are my go to breadsticks. I love them!!

  2. I'm excited to try them! I need a go to recipe. Miss yoU!!!

  3. I don't have a kitchen maid. Can I make these with a hand mixer or will that end in a doughy disaster?!

  4. Daisha- I think this dough would probably eat your hand mixer's motor up. You could definitely make by hand though and just knead with your hands (do it on a stressful day - great stress reliever!). Let me know if you have questions.


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